Yoga and Sex


The mind plays a tremendous role in our life. The urge for sexual activity first and foremost occurs in the mind of a human being. Yoga takes care of the mind. It streamlines the nervous system that is responsible for the physical aspect of sexual life. Hence, practise of Yoga would definitely contribute in removing any weaknesses in sexual behaviour.

Removing Sexual Defects

Indolence and lethargy are important causes that shatter physical and mental discipline. To attain efficiency, discipline is a prerequisite. Even to improve sexual efficiency, discipline is a must. One who is prone to sloth and lethargy cannot improve sexual potential. Therefore, everyone should endeavour to conquer indolence. Yoga definitely helps in bringing vitality and dynamism in a person, which in turn drives away sloth and indolence and thereby improves potential.

Psychosomatic techniques are applied in both Yoga and sex. Both take into consideration the physical, mental and emotional aspects of man. For example, Yoga gives importance to Asanas that are physical in nature. But through the practise of Pranayama and meditation, the mental and emotional nature of man is also substantially enhanced. Similarly, sex undoubtedly deals with the physical aspect in the form of various sex plays culminating in coitus. At the same time, the mental and emotional aspects in the form of love and affection between the married partners should also be given due place in sexual life. Particularly in married life, genuine love and affection between married partners are too important an aspect to be minimized by anybody. If sincere love were not exhibited in married life through sexual activities the entire life of married couples would end in despair.

The practise of Yoga will definitely improve the neuromuscular and psychosomatic machinery. Yoga generally promotes certain positive qualities like tolerance, forgiveness, cheerfulness, concern for others, etc., which are very conducive to a happy married life.

Setting Right Sexual Disharmonies

The major causes for the increase in sexual disharmonies are tension, insecurity and emotional conflicts created by modem life. There are two important factors that determine human sexual behaviour viz., instinctive drives and social influences. Our sex conduct has been predominantly controlled and determined by modem society, which usually results in an emotional conflict between desire and inhibitions. Among primitive people, where social life and sexual standards are simple and natural, sexual inadequacies are not encountered. In our culture, however, the tension of daily living may lead to many disharmonies in the sexual life of a couple.

Yoga stresses physical and mental poise to accelerate relaxation through reduction of tension and clarity of mind. Once mental and emotional equanimity is achieved through constant practise of Yoga, sexual disharmonies among married partners would disappear.

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