Yoga Clothing


Yoga clothing refers to the clothes worn during the yoga session. Although yoga can be performed in any casual dress but for the maximum comfort it is always better to use clothes that help the body movement. Hence the significant of the yoga clothing lies in the fact that it does not create any trouble in performing yoga. Actually different yoga postures require body movements of different types. And if the cloths worn during the yoga are of tight fitting or are made of stuff that is not suitable for yoga, it may hamper the yoga session. So for smooth ease of movement particular clothing type for yoga is must.

What kind of clothing is suitable for yoga?

Stretch closing is most suitable for yoga. Loose wear such as sweat clothes, shorts, leotards and cloths made of cotton provide good comfort during the yoga session. Shorts are really helpful in performing yoga. Yoga postures require movements of the feet, knees and ankles and in that case shorts facilitate free movements of these body parts. For males loose trousers are quite suitable. Moreover the yoga clothing should be sweat absorbing and breathable also. In the twist movements cotton cloths are good as they are not sticky and does not produce moist.

Different yoga clothing

For a change in the lifestyle yoga is most preferable. But Yoga demands some kind of discipline in the day to day life. Secondly it also requires a little investment also. In other words, dressing materials and clothing are selected to suit the needs of the yoga. So it’s not that a suitable dress is enough for performing yoga. Yoga shoes may be used for performing different postures although doing yoga barefooted is also not bad. But there are shoes such as sandal like footwear, tennis or athlete shoes are good for performing yoga. Besides yoga shoes, yoga pants are very essential clothing for yoga postures. Pants made of Lycra or spandex are said to be quite comfortable for yoga postures. These textures let the body to have free flow of movements. Pants made by Lycra are said to be good sweat absorbent. For upside down movements the clothing like tops is very good. The tank top is supposed to be quite suitable as it does not encourage perspiration. Further than this the yoga clothing consists of some accessories such as bags, leggings, neck pillows and eye bags. All these accessories are easily available in the market and can be purchased at discount rates also. There are advertisements widespread for the yoga clothing but the selection of fabric of the yoga wear should be wise enough to suit the needs of the yoga. One important thing to be noticed is that performing yoga itself is most important; set aside other accessories associated with it. So it is always better to concentrate on yoga. Wasting time on the matching shorts with shoes and the selection of color of the pants is not appreciable. Thus there should be balance between the needs of yoga and the yoga clothing and overemphasis on yoga clothing may lead to deviation from the main target.

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