Yoga During Pregnancy


Performing yoga during pregnancy delivers several benefits. Yoga is getting very popular these days. It is proved to be almost a panacea for all cures. Although yoga is good for both body and mind and ensures a healthy mind in a healthy body. But a pregnant woman may get some more advantages out of it.

Why yoga for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage in the life of a woman. During the period of pregnancy a woman undergoes severe mental and physical changes. Sometimes they have to face very tough and uncomfortable situations. Moreover a pregnant woman may have backache, nausea frequently. Pregnant women require additional stamina to support herself and her baby in the womb. Doing yoga postures relieves pain and nausea and provides additional strength and stamina to the pregnant women. Above all it also reduces the labor pain which is quite intense in nature. Lastly pregnant moms are much worried about their figure and shape. Here also yoga ensures a good shape to the women. But the most important role of yoga during pregnancy is to make body accept the changes taking in the body. It helps adjust the body in the new condition and make day to day life less uncomfortable. Reduction in the severity of anxiety and negative thinking and giving physical strength and endurance to the body are some of the most important advantages of performing yoga particularly in pregnancy stage.


Although yoga is beneficial for all including pregnant women but some yoga postures are really difficult to perform and therefore not allowed during pregnancy. Therefore it is always better to take some video or literature on yoga prepared specially for pregnant women. There are yoga classes held for pregnant women where different yoga posture useful for pregnancy period are taught. It is also safe to attend these classes to learn the basics of yoga. Actually these postures are designed for safe child birth. Not only this but some health problems such as swelling in the lower portion of the body and pain also disappear with the help of the yoga. Performing yoga also helps increase flexibility in the muscles and relieves joint pain, very frequent during pregnancy.

Some healthy yoga postures for pregnant women

There are some asanas for healthy and safe delivery. First is padmasana which is also called butterfly pose. It is very easy to perform butterfly pose. It helps release tensions and brings flexibility in the hip and thigh muscles. Second, it also eases childbirth safely. Second, Utthanasan or squats is also essential posture for the pregnancy period. It also ensures easy delivery with safety if done regularly during the pregnancy period. Third is Marjari asan better known as cat stretch pose. It strengthens shoulder neck and spine and also tones up the reproductive system to a great extent. In addition to it this pose is useful for post period also. Besides these poses there are other yoga postures beneficial for pregnant ladies but performing doing these postures without consulting the specialist is not advisable. Therefore be careful before taking any decision regarding the yoga during pregnancy.

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