Yoga For Beginners


Yoga for beginners is different from yoga for experienced practitioners. In other words same yoga postures are not allowed for both beginners and experienced people. This is because yoga for beginners suggests easy postures. These postures are easy to do where as experienced practitioners do difficult and complicated yoga poses. Beginners do such poses in which body movements are easy and do nort require any technicalities. With the passage of time a beginner get experience to perfortm difficult yoga postures.

Some tips for beginners

Some tips for beginners are being discussed that help begin yoga smoothly. These tips give some basic knowledge about yoga practices for beginners. First and formost is that yoga should be done either in morning or in evening. If yoga is done early in the morning the body gets rejuvenated for the whole day. But if it is done in the evening it helps provide sound sleep which is really good for health. Thus in both the cases performing yoga in the morning or evening is more benficial in compaison to other time given to yoga. But it does not mean that yoga can not be done at any other time. There is no  time restriction for yoga and it can be done at any time. Secondly, a beginner should know that yoga can be performed anywhere and at different places. But the space should be wide enough to give comfort while performing different different yoga postures. In addition to it, it is always better toselect a cool and calm place for performing yoga. Moreover some yoga accessories are really helpful in performing different yoga postures. These yoga accessories include yoga gloves, yoga mats, yoga cloths and yoga blanket. All these yoga accessories help in performing yoga smoothly and reduces any danger and difficulty which may crop up any time due the lack of these yoga accessories. Further than this doing yoga at an open space provide fresh air and closer association wth nature. This is important in view of the fact that yoga has something to do with spirituality also which ultimately benefits mind and body both. Beginners performing yoga should know that yoga cloths are very essential for performing yoga poses. Soft and comfortable yoga cloths such as pants made of cooton, shorts of cotton fabric are good. These cloths should be comfortable. The comfortable cloths do not create hindrance in the movements of legs and hands and free flow of body movements are easily possible. Though traditional yoga does not suggests for yoga shoes and socks. But nowadays there are yoga shes and socks are available that are moist absorbant and do not produce sticky feeling while performing yoga. Now it is most essential for beginners to know about the duration of yoga practice. In fact it all depends on the practitioner as to what time he is willing to devote. But one thing is certain that it should be done daily and the duration should not be less than 15 minutes for one postures. It is also important to know that yoga is done empty stomach or two hours after eating.  Drinking a glass of water 15 miutes before yoga is always good for performing yoga.

Yoga session for beginners

A yoga session for beginners should consists of following workouts.

  1. Warming session
  2. Standing postures
  3. Sitting postures
  4. Body twists
  5. Prone and supine poses
  6. Balance posture
  7. Backbends
  8. Final postures at end of the yoga sessin

After being well versed in allthese yoga steps a beginner can make new addition to the yoga practices.

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