Yoga For Impotence


In simple terms, impotence may be defined as the inability to have satisfactory sexual relations with the opposite sex. At times, the terms ‘impotence’ and ‘infertility’ are misconstrued. A man may be highly potent but not necessarily fertile. Similarly, a man may be fertile but may not be sexually potent.

The causes for impotence may be due to constitutional disorders like hormone deficiency of the sex organs or other constitutional factors that lead to diminution of sexual desire.

There are a number of psychological factors too causing impotence in men. In most cases, it is caused by emotional factors like mental conflicts, various fears and anxieties, neurotic tendencies and negative influences in childhood and certain teachings condemning sex as obscene and vulgar. These factors result in an aversion to sex.

Yoga can definitely remedy impotence caused by constitutional disorders as well as psychological factors. The practise of certain Asanas would invigorate the functions of various ductless glands, particularly the sex gland, and thereby vigorously activate all organs connected with sex. In this way, constitutional disorders causing impotence are remedied through regular practise of certain Asanas. For details refer to the section on ‘Practise of Asanas’.

Similarly, psychological factors causing impotence can also be remedied through the practise of Pranayama and meditation. Pranayama particularly helps tone up the nervous system and thereby ensures mental equilibrium. Similarly, regular practise of meditation tremendously improves emotional stability and ultimately removes psychological factors causing impotence.

There are certain subtle techniques in Yoga that are quite simple to perform but very effective in boosting the sexual urge to a considerable extent. These techniques are kept highly confidential by many Yogis in India. The Guru passes on these techniques orally to the disciple after ascertaining his sincerity and honesty to ensure he will not isuse the techniques.

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