Yoga For Weight Loss


Yoga for weight loss is very popular these days. Obesity and excess fat has become the most common problem and going artificial way to looses weight is not acceptable for all. Hence yoga is proved to be a good way to get rid of this anomaly.  It goes without saying that excess fat and obesity causes a number of health problems such as diabetes, blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.  Taking medicine for these health problems is not always good and most importantly over the counter medication results in many other side effects. In addition to it medication does not provide permanent solution of weight loss or other diseases caused as a result of excess pound of flesh.

Role of yoga in weight loss

Yoga provides a natural way of weight reduction where there is no fear of any side effects. It tones the entire body muscles and helps the body stay in good shape. It’s true that the effect of yoga in weight loss program is not as quick as that of much other exercise. But doing yoga consistently helps get slim body and that shape can be maintained if practicing yoga is continued. Yoga has been practiced for quite some time and its benefits for the over all health and fitness is proved without fail. Now in view of the fact that obesity is a big challenge in western countries the yoga option of yoga practice has offered a new dimension to the obesity. Weight loss with the help of yoga is possible as the yoga postures help increase the body metabolism burning more calories. It ultimately results in the weight loss. Yoga not only tones body muscles but proves to be a tonic for mind also. Thus stress is also reduced which ultimately results in weight reduction. Yoga generates a kind of mentality where focusing on the body and its condition becomes first priority. This mental strength is a kind of support to the efforts taken to loose weight. Therefore it is imperative to go for yoga for weight loss as it affects both body and mind.

Useful yoga techniques for weight loss

Yoga and weight loss can go hand in hand. There are two techniques that are applied usually to reduce weight. Although there many more yoga postures that are be done to reduce weight. The two main yoga techniques are Astanga yoga and Bikram yoga. There are said to be most suitable way to perform yoga for weight loss. Bikram yoga helps burn extra calories as the yoga postures in the Bikram yoga includes aerobic, fat burning and cardio vascular workouts. These workouts have a significant impact on the body. It also reduces stress and makes feel better. It trains both body and mind and helps increase patience, endurance and determination. On the other hand Ashtanga yoga involves lost of breathing exercises which are complicated in nature. It helps get a strong and clear mind and proves effective in the weight loss program. But doing these two popular forms of yoga techniques are proved useful only if they are performed for a long period of time. In other words these techniques are the quicker ways to loose weight. Weight loss may be possible only if these yoga postures are done for at least five hours a day.

Are These Techniques Really Effective?

Yoga exercises such as those used in Bikram and Ashtanga yoga can be effective if you need to lose weight. This is not the fastest way to lose weight with exercise however, and you have to spend a great deal of time doing yoga to make it count.

Doing yoga for weight loss is not the quickest way to lose weight, but it will help to tone your body and more importantly yoga will help your mind to relax, and your body will (as is often the case with other types of exercise) not feel exhausted, The invigorating properties of yoga will help you feel better physically and spiritually. Yoga weight loss is possible if you are prepared to spend at least 5 hours a week doing it.

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