Yoga For Youthfulness


Scientists are curious to know whether old age can be put off through deliberate and conscious efforts. They have discovered various factors that promote ageing. In order to “grow old youthfully” or gracefully, the elasticity of the body must be maintained. As one ages, hardened mineral substances replace the bone cartilages of childhood. These mineral substances are lime salts and calcium phosphate. When the percentage of these mineral matter increase, the cartilages gradually begin to ossify and become more and more brittle. In advanced years, on reaching an abnormal proportion, the mineral deposits in the bones cause old age.

Old age is also caused due to certain chemical changes in the circulatory system. As the years advance, an accumulation of sedimentary mineral deposits occurs in the circulatory system, leading to non-elasticity of the body in general and arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries) in particular. This process hastens old age.

Similarly, as a person advances in age, his muscular tissues harden, leading to stiffness and non-elasticity in the muscular system. Moreover, hardening of muscular tissues results in loss of normal tone and pliancy. These factors ultimately disturb the natural harmony between various internal organs and always end in some form of physical deterioration vaguely called old age.

In order to maintain youthfulness and postpone old age, the natural elasticity, balance and coordination between various parts of the body and the internal organs has to be maintained in perfect condition. The most desirable aspect in maintaining youthfulness is the preservation of a child-like adaptation of every part of the body, which upholds the relative harmony between and within the internal organs.

All the Yogic Asanas are designed to make each and every limb of the body supple and elastic. Moreover, most of the static as well as dynamic Asanas provide a massaging effect to all the internal organs and thereby invigorate their functions to the optimum level, which generally brings about sound health in a person and promotes the maintenance of energy and a spirit of youthfulness in the practitioner.

It is now scientifically proved that the whole world is saturated with electro­magnetic waves, composed of positive and negative forces. We receive electromagnetically charged cosmic radiations from outer space. Our life itself is a manifestation of the electric current in one form or another expressed in terms of the cellular, cerebral and nervous system operating in the human organism. The human body receives certain subtle electrical magnetism that travels from the sky to the earth and from the earth to the sky. Ordinarily, when a person is in an upright position, these waves flow from head to foot, but when the body is inverted, these currents reverse their normal direction in the body.

The harmonious interplay of positive and negative electric currents in the human body is responsible for its good health. Illness or disease of the human body is the result of these currents going out of balance. If these currents are made to change their directions, they can regain equilibrium and, thereby, the physical and mental health of the person is restored. All the topsy-turvy Asanas perform this function of making the positive and negative currents in the body operate in harmonious fashion. Therefore, a person consistently practising topsy-turvy Asanas like Sarvanga Asana and Sirsha Asana maintains sound health throughout his life and postpones the ageing process for a considerable length of time.

Moreover, the process of ageing and direction of time is associated with the upright position and the normal flow of these currents. When the position of the body is reversed, as when performing topsy-turvy Asanas, the ageing process and time is also reversed. In this way, the usual direction of human development is reversed and youthfulness is regained and maintained.

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