Yoga Mats


Yoga mat is an essential yoga tool which provides better balance and coordination in performing yoga. Performing yoga requires proper balance if otherwise the fruits of yoga may not come out. Lack of balance in practicing yoga does not benefit the way it should. It might create trouble or at least leave some body parts weaker. Yoga mats provides stability and thus give yoga practice a right orientation.

Use of yoga mats

Performing yoga involves various poses and postures which are also known as asanas. These postures need support. Without any support it may be a bit difficult to perform these yoga postures. Yoga mats give support to the body and make yoga poses possible. These mats are designed for both beginners and for yoga at advanced level. These yoga mats are light weight and easy to carry. The fabric used in yoga is soft and sweat absorbent. Doing yoga on cold hard floor may be tough but yoga mats made of soft textures keeps the movements of hand and feet in control. Performing yoga puts pressure on knees, hips, elbows. These body points need support and this support is provided by the yoga mats. Yoga mats reduces the chances of slippage as slippage is very common in practicing yoga. There are many types of yoga mats. Traditional yoga mats were sticky and use to hamper the smooth practice of yoga poses. But now yoga mats of new models are coming up in the market. These new versions of yoga mats are thicker and not sticky and absorb sweat and moisture giving stability and traction to the yoga. Performing yoga may result in injuries due to slippage. Even carpet also does not work in case of yoga sometimes. But yoga mats make it possible to perform difficult complicated yoga postures.

Types of yoga mats

There is variety of yoga mats available in the market. Some of these are blue mats, sticky mats, black diamond mats and Wai Lana mats. Sticky and Ultra mats are frequently available on sale and are quite affordable. Moreover there are eco friendly yoga mats are available in the market. Some of the eco friendly mats are known as Eco yoga mats, nature collection mats, Travel yoga mats, Maha yoga mats and Yoga towels. They are of various sizes and colors. Some yoga mats are hand woven and are therefore chemical free. These are called green cotton yoga mats. They are useful in providing good spine alignment with required height to give good support to the meditation wit utmost comfort. There are some yoga mats containing no ozone depleting chemical and are biodegradable also. These yoga mats are best known for providing resistance of unmatched compression set and resilience and also provide cushioning. These mats are washable with soap and lukewarm water. But this kind of yoga mats should not be exposed to sunlight fort long duration. Online subscription of yoga mats is also possible as there are various websites giving advertisement s for online subscription. Prices offered are not very high. So access to this yoga tool is very easy and to make yoga performance a complete success it is always advisable to buy yoga mats.

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