Yoga Workouts


Yoga workouts are good form of exercises. In fact performing yoga means doing a number of workouts in succession. These workouts are nothing but the different postures that serve different purposes. The main function of the yoga workouts is to stretch the body muscles. Stretching the body muscles gives strength to the entire body. But the importance of yoga workouts is not limited to the strengthening the body only which is the case with strength exercises. Different yoga workouts act as a balancing factor between body and mind. These workouts strengthen both body and mind and relieve tension and stress. The element of spirituality in the yoga workouts make it different from the other exercises.

Breathing exercise is the most important factor in the yoga workouts. Different yoga workouts involving complicated breathing exercises provide strength, endurance and determination to the mind and bring changes in thinking and attitude.

Yoga workouts for beginners

Yoga workouts for beginners are many in number. They varied from breathing to closing postures. These workouts are done in sequences with proper routine. The each workout should be given at least 10 minutes. But it is always beneficial to hold a particular posture for long. These workouts should be done three times in a week and should be continued for at least 8 weeks. For beginners the yoga workout is started with breathing exercises which is called breath of victory. Breath of victory is followed by standing, seated and final workouts.  The standing workouts include posture such as half sun salutations, mountain pose, gentle standing twist and tree postures. Standing postures are followed by seated postures. Seated postures include seated forward bend, stick pose, hip opener and spinal twist. Theses seated posture are followed by some poses called closing postures as these postures prepare to get into the intermediate stage of yoga workouts. Closing postures include resting pose and seated meditation.

Intermediate yoga workouts

Yoga workouts for beginners prepare the foundation to switch over to the intermediate level of workouts. The yoga workouts of intermediate level are also started with breathing exercises followed by other workouts. Doing different intermediate level yoga workouts in sequence integrates the fruits of yoga to a considerable extent. Breathing exercises or breath of victory is followed by standing postures. Standing postures include different poses such as half sun salutation, mountain pose, cobra and lunge pose, standing forward bend, triangle pose, classic sun salutation, extended side angle, standing half moon, tree pose and gentle standing twist. Now comes the turn of seated postures which include seated forward bend, stick posture, wide and bound angle pose, and hip opener and boat postures.  There are some inverted postures at the intermediate level of yoga workouts. These inverted postures include plow shoulder and bridge pose. And finally closing postures like resting and seated meditation are done. Intermediate level yoga workouts are followed by advanced yoga workouts to complete the full cycle of yoga workouts. These workouts include breathing, seated and standing posture exercise. Yoga workouts at advanced level are complicated in nature and are done with extra care.  All these yoga workouts provide a sound body with sound mind but should be done with clarity.

Yoga For Beginners

Yoga for beginners is different from yoga for experienced practitioners. In other words same yoga postures are not allowed for both beginners and experienced people. This is because yoga for beginners suggests easy postures. These postures are easy to do where as experienced practitioners do difficult and complicated yoga poses. …

Yoga Mats

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Yoga Clothing

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